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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets PURE PPF apart from traditional vinyl wraps?
    Our solid color wraps are crafted using TPU construction, ensuring a superior ultra-glossy finish that mirrors the look of a professional paint job. These wraps are self-healing, stain-resistant, and 4x thicker than standard vinyl, guaranteeing exceptional durability and a lasting aesthetic enhancement for your vehicle.
  • Is PURE PPF dry applied or wet applied?
    Our products should be installed wet the same way you would install any clear or stealth protection film. We suggest to cut your slip solution to 6 drops of soap for every 30mL or water (about 40% less than what you traditionally use). Increase tack solution by 20%. Do not attempt to install our products dry like vinyl.
  • What is the Metallic Series wrap, and how does it differ from your other offerings?
    Our Metallic Series wraps feature captivating flakes that enhance the glow and depth of the color, creating a truly mesmerizing appearance. Utilizing TPU construction, these wraps provide a mirror-like gloss akin to professional paint finishes. With advanced self-healing and stain-resistant properties, our Metallic Series wraps offer enduring brilliance and dimension.
  • What is the Satin Finish wrap, and what benefits does it provide?
    The Satin Finish wrap delivers a distinctive flat or "frozen" appearance that highlights your vehicle's body lines, projecting an aggressive and sporty look. It offers the allure of a factory matte paint's frozen finish without the worry of scratching and repainting. Our advanced technology ensures scratch resistance and durability, maintaining the pristine finish over time.
  • Why should my auto restyling shop become a dealer with PURE PPF?
    By becoming a dealer, you gain access to a premium selection of wraps, including ultra-glossy, Metallic, and Satin Finish options at a wholesale rate. Partnering with us allows you to offer your customers top-tier quality, durability, and design choices, empowering your business to stand out and thrive in the competitive auto wrap market. Our product is the future of wrap while vinyl continues to disappoint users through the pains of its maintenance and tedious removal process.
  • Why would I not just repaint my entire car for the higher price of PURE PPF?
    Re-painting a vehicle is much easier said than done. The necessary tools to repaint a vehicle properly the way automotive manufactures do requires several million dollars worth of equipment and dust-free machinery. Anyone with the proper equipment would charge $10,000+ for the unique colors we offer. Not to mention, your new paint job will be 'naked' and need another $5,000+ in clear protection film to have the same self-healing, stain resistant and hydrophobic characteristics as our All-In-One Film does!
  • How do I become a dealer?
    To become a dealer, simply reach out to us through our "Become a Dealer" section. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless partnership that benefits both your business and your customers.
  • How long does PURE PPF typically last?
    The lifespan of our wraps can vary depending on factors such as environmental conditions and maintenance. On average, our wraps can last up to 5-7 years or more, providing a long-lasting enhancement to your vehicle's appearance. Much like everything else, the abuse of a product will reduce its life expectancy and proper care will extend it.
  • What does PURE PPF's 7 Year Warranty Cover?
    Our Warranty is specifically designed to give peace of mind to our users that we have your back. If any bubbling, delaminating, or cracking occurs on your material within the first 7 years, we will send a replacement piece at no cost to you. We know, some wrap companies will do everything in their power not to warranty a piece of film. Not us.
  • Are PURE PPF wraps removable?
    Yes, all our wraps are designed to be removable without damaging the *factory original paint finish. This offers you the flexibility to change your vehicle's appearance or revert to its original color when desired. *Factory original paint: Any panel which has been painted from the original manufacture and after-market. Due to lack of quality in aftermarket bodyshop paint and preparations, the adhesive of paint protection film can potentially remove paint on panels that have been re-painted. PURE PPF is no reliable for any loss of paint on panels deemed non-non-orignal. If you have any additional questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We're here to assist you in making the best choices for your automotive customization needs.
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