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7 Year Manufacture Warranty 

To activate the warranty coverage for PURE PPF, it is imperative to have it professionally installed by an accredited PURE PPF Installer. PURE PPF guarantees that its product is free from any manufacturing defects, such as bubbling, cracking, delamination, or discoloration, for a period of seven years from the date of purchase. Please be aware that this warranty does not extend to damages resulting from regular wear and tear, road debris, misuse, or any other items mentioned in the exclusions below. It's crucial to note that this warranty is transferable but follows all the original purchasers signed agreements with the original authorized installer. To qualify for warranty protection, the original installation facility must submit a copy of all invoices related to the submitted claim with payment details, materials used, and client vehicle information. Any PURE PPF products sold below suggested market value pricing is subject to exclusion from any material reimbursement or warranty coverage. This is in place to protect our dealers and sustain an equal playing field while maintaining the value of our products. The authorized PURE PPF installer can reach out to their assigned sales representative for approval of full warranty coverage in any special scenario where market value requirements are being breach. 

Suggested Market Value (This is a starting point for the most basic vehicle in its class. E.i: Coupe = Mini Cooper, not Mclaren)

Coupe: $6,000 - 8,000+ Full Body Color Change
Sedan: $7,000 - 10,000+ Full Body Color Change
SUV/Trucks: $8,000-15,000+ Full Body Color Change
Exotics: $12,000+ Full Body Color Change

Consumer Purchase Warning
At this time, there is no authorized personnel who is approved to resale PURE PPF materials or sell DIY installation kits. There is absolute no warranty or technical support from PUREPPF for these purchases. You should note, if our product is resold online, it is not legitimate PURE PPF products as all authorized dealers are aware of the distribution requirements of our product. Our product is only sold by authorized shops to be installed by them. Carry out of our products or personal installation of our products is forbidden.


Our Promise to You 

Only in the event of an approved warranty claim, will PURE PPF provide replacement material for the specified amount of product deemed defective in accordance with the warranty policy. This material will be directly sent to the original authorized PURE PPF installer for replacement. PURE PPF does not cover labor costs associated with replacements caused by improper installation. PURE PPF at its sole discretion will determine if labor costs will be credited to the original installation facility only in an approved warranty scenario. If replacement material is not sufficient in satisfying the claim, PURE PPF, at its sole discretion, will determine if credit shall be issued for the entire original roll cost. It is our mission to support our dealers and their clients to the best of our ability. A warranty process should be made easy and give clients peace of mind and PURE PPF will do its best to ensure the process is smooth and stress-free for all parties involved. 

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty will lose its validity if PURE PPF is not installed by an authorized installation facility, and it does not encompass issues related to workmanship or installation errors. Warranty coverage may be rendered void due to inadequate post-installation care, insufficient cleaning, the use of non-approved cleaning agents or products, or product misuse. It's important to note that PURE PPF warranty applies exclusively to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clear-coat surfaces. Any installation on substrates that are not approved, repainted surfaces, primer-coated areas, polyurethane, or vinyl will automatically void the warranty. PURE PPF does not assume any responsibility for repainting surfaces for any reason. Moreover, the warranty excludes coverage for installations on non-painted surfaces, including but not limited to carbon fiber, chrome, headlights, or taillights. This warranty also does not extend to damages resulting from normal wear and tear, road debris, extreme weather events, or any acts of nature. It's crucial to understand that this warranty cannot be altered or extended by any installation facility or dealer.

PURE PPF is backed by a 7 year warranty, the details of which are outlined in this document. In the event of a product defect, it falls upon the original installer to initiate a warranty claim with PURE PPF within 30 days of the issue, providing the clients information that appropriately matches the warranty registration form below. The final determination regarding the presence of a qualifying defect, as outlined in this document, will be made by PURE PPF. 


Filing A Claim

For any questions pertaining to warranty information, please contact:



Warranty Submission Form

Date of Installation
Has the client been briefed on the necessary steps to maintain their PURE PPF?
Please confirm the following information has been discussed with the client:
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